When Jack Lacey smiled slightly crookedly his parents thought he the 4-year-old was being silly, tragically his “lopsided” smile turned out to be a warning sign that he had brain cancer.

On Monday, little Jack from Sheffield, England took his last breath while lying in his dad’s arms, his father Wesley Lacey wrote on GoFundMe.

Jack’s death comes exactly a year after he was first diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

In February 2019, Jack’s parents began to notice a change in their son’s smile, according to Mercury News, The Sun and The New York Post reported.

At first, Wesley and Jack’s mother Rebecca Oldham thought nothing of the smile, writing it off as just something their son did to be funny, the family shared with Mercury News.

The family grew worried when the 4-year-old developed a blink and started having night terrors, Mercury News reported. Jack’s condition took an unexpected turn when he couldn’t even walk without using his hands to feel his way around.

Wesley further opened up about his son’s declining health on GoFundMe sharing, “Our boy had a couple of symptoms of what could have been anything, which we thought we should have checked out.”

After taking Jack to the doctor, …read more

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