Megan Thee Stallion is opening up about a “toxic” time in her life.

On Tuesday, the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper, 24, went viral on social media after her mugshot resurfaced online.

During an Instagram Live video, Megan cleared the air about her 2015 arrest, explaining she ended up in jail after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend while attending SXSW.

“I saw my ugly ass mugshot,” Megan said while laughing. “So, I was maybe 19 or 20. I was in college and I had a real beautiful, toxic relationship. It was fun, but it was bad. I was at SXSW and my boyfriend at the time — I had just found out that this n— had a baby at the damn concert.”

“Like, what a way for a bitch to find out your n— cheated on you and had a baby… I was so mad, and you gotta know, my temper is bad,” Megan continued.

“And the baby had been born — like the baby was here. The baby was damn-near one,” Megan explained.

Megan said her ex revealed the news to her by simply showing her his phone after she had asked him who he was texting.

Megan went on to share that she …read more



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