Designing book covers is famously difficult. It’s so hard we have an entire idiom that asks us not to judge the worth of something just because its cover turned out really, really ugly.

And boy howdy, have there been a plethora of terrible book covers over the years. As such, you can’t exactly blame designers for copying, echoing, mimicking, stealing, and repeating a particular design when they stumble onto something that works. Take the famous “women with missing heads” trend of 2008, or the “plague of women’s backs” unleashed on books in 2013, or the more minimalist “flat woman” variation of 2015. Blame everything from Getty Images to the rise of eReaders: There tends to be a whole lot of sameness on bookstore shelves.

The headless woman trend is mostly (but not entirely!) a thing of the past, thankfully. What’s replacing it is something less troubling, but just as strange. It’s what I like to call “blobs of suggestive colors.”

(Friends and Strangers)

The blobs are eye-catching. They’re colorful. You’re not quite sure what they’re depicting at first — are those hands? Wine glasses? Is …read more

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