I’ve listened to the clip of Chrissy Metz speaking about Alison Brie at the Golden Globes multiple times, and can’t decide what I think said. Sometimes, I hear “bae–” and sometimes I hear “bi–.” I’m not sure why she would tell other people that she thinks Alison is a “bitch” even if her mic were off, but who knows.

Chrissy is on the cover of the January/February issue of Good Housekeeping. In her interview, she shared some of the ways that she’s trying to be more mindful and take care of herself as she works toward her 2020 goals: she meditates daily, she’s found therapy useful, and she’s very deliberate and thoughtful about what she posts on social media. Here are some of the highlights from her interview:

On nurturing her newfound confidence:
“I don’t want to compromise a sound or a note or a word. I want it to be on my terms, which is new for me.”

On how therapy has helped her cope with her past: “We have to talk about our feelings, and I physically have been stuffing them all my life, so to have someone …read more

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