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Amazon plans to launch a new marketplace in the Netherlands later this year, Amazon confirmed in a blog post Wednesday after Business Insider reached out for comment.
The Dutch marketplace would be Amazon’s 16th global marketplace.
The move shows Amazon’s continued interest in expanding into overseas markets, although it’s seen mixed results for its international business.
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Amazon is launching a new marketplace in the Netherlands later this year, as it looks to further expand its international presence, Business Insider has learned.

Amazon has been reaching out to a group of US-based sellers in recent months to discuss the launch of a broader Dutch marketplace that sells a variety of consumer products, according to several merchants who spoke to Business Insider. That would be a change from Amazon’s current Dutch site that only sells e-books. Merchants that sell on the new Dutch site would have access to Amazon’s fulfillment service too, these people said.

The move reflects Amazon’s continued effort to expand globally, even as its international segment has seen mixed results in recent years. Its international business has shown slower growth lately, despite having invested billions of dollars in overseas markets. Last year, …read more

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