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Spencer Hilligoss, the cofounder of Madison Investing, left behind an extremely lucrative career in Silicon Valley to pursue real-estate investing.
With no prior experience, he’s now managed to achieve over $350 million worth of transactions and owns a piece of over 3,500 units.
In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Hilligoss shared the books that changed the way he viewed wealth accumulation and aided in his path to success.
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Most Silicon Valley tech leaders would never trade in their high-flying, lucrative careers in order to pursue a path in real estate.

But Spencer Hilligoss, the cofounder of Madison Investing, did just that — and he hasn’t looked back.

“You have to put in 80-hour weeks,” he said in an exclusive interview with Business Insider. “You have to put in these epically intense work ethics at these early stage start-up companies just to get them to grow at the pace that you want to achieve that unicorn status.”

He continued: “I was working that career, and that initially led me to start questioning [it].”

Up until that point, Hilligoss had worked himself to the bone. He spent a total of 13 years developing teams at various early-stage tech firms in …read more

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