I do not watch many YouTube makeup tutorials, because whenever I do I just end up buying a ton of products. (The last time I watched Hot and Flashy I bought $44 Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. It’s good, but it’s not $44 good you know?) I try not to even visit Sephora.com since I usually spend at least $100. However I have seen Nikkie of NikkieTutorials as she’s a very popular makeup artist. She even made Lady Gaga over this December in a joint promotion with Haus Laboratories. Nikkie is Dutch, she has over 12 million subscribers and is an influential and surely well paid YouTuber. Nikkie is making headlines for coming out as a transgender woman. She recorded a video making it clear that this was not her decision and that she was being blackmailed. I didn’t think I would cover this, but then I watched the video and her announcement is so touching and heartfelt that I wanted to talk about it. That video is above and here are some of her quotes.

I’m taking back my own power and I have to tell you something. When I was younger I was born in the wrong …read more

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