Maelove’s Glycolic Acid cream, The Night Renewer ($27.95), was designed as a highly potent AHA cream that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.
AHA helps create smoother, brighter skin by encouraging rapid cell turnover and stimulating collagen production. It’s often used to fade scarring, reduce fine lines and pores, and soften skin.
I used The Night Renewer for a few weeks consistently, and it made good on claims of delivering the benefits of a chemical peel without the harsh side effects.

If you — like many of us lost souls — sometimes feel like you’ve been put on this earth just to complete a seemingly impossible crusade for effective, cheap skin care products, you may have already stumbled across newcomer Maelove. If not, take note: It’s a line of skin-care basics meticulously formulated by MIT grads (with the help of some AI) and designed to work for all skin types. Best of all, each product is priced under $30.

Maelove’s line is full of standouts, but perhaps most noteworthy is the gentle Glycolic Acid cream, The Night Renewer ($27.95), that took the company two years to accomplish. It’s noteworthy because, unlike many …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Life


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