Jeffrey Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach — the CEO and chief investment officer of DoubleLine Capital — shares an investment setup happening right now that’s historically rewarded patient investors.
Prior to this instance, it’s occurred just two other times in the last century.
Gundlach says the US dollar “should weaken” in the near future — a core expectation that helps dictate some of his other forecasts.
Unrelated to the his US dollar forecast, Gundlach says bitcoin will climb as high as $15,000 in 2020. The prediction comes on the heels of his spot-on bitcoin forecast for 2019.
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It was hard to lose money in 2019.

The S&P 500 returned 29%, emerging market stocks gained 15%, oil increased 34%, gold swelled by 19%, and US bonds climbed 8.7% in aggregate.

Still, many experts say the likelihood that investors will reap similarly broad-based returns across asset classes in 2020 is unlikely.

But Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO and chief investment officer of $140 billion DoubleLine Capital, sees opportunities on the horizon — and a simple theme ties them all together: a weaker US dollar.

“It seems like it’s just about time for the dollar to weaken,” he said on a recent …read more

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