Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber enjoy lunch together after Kaia's photoshoot

I’ll admit to not thinking much of Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber’s parenting style, especially when it came to how eagerly they pushed Kaia Gerber into modeling. It was almost like they told Kaia that all she could ever do was model, then they started pushing her into it very early, and then they let her be independent too early too. But I think Kaia’s relationship with Pete Davidson – likely her first big-deal relationship – was a wake-up call for Rande and Cindy. There were stories about how Cindy and Rande hoped that Kaia and Pete would fizzle out. Then, around Christmas, it seemed like Pete had some kind of breakdown in Kaia’s New York apartment, and Rande and Cindy had to come by to deal with it.

So, ever since then, Rande and Cindy have been keeping Kaia VERY close. And I respect that. Kaia needs them. Just after the New York incident, Kaia went to LA with her parents. Then Kaia was in Miami with her parents for New Year’s, then LA/Malibu with her parents in early January, then she was back in New York – …read more

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