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To stop pop-ups on a Windows 10 computer, you can edit Windows’ notification settings.
Every major internet browser allows you to stop pop-ups with a browser extension, but Microsoft’s Edge browser comes with one built in.
Windows also creates its own pop-ups, usually to sell new products, which you can easily block as well.
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Pop ups. Yuck.

Pop-ups come in many forms, most of them unpleasant. But luckily, your Windows 10 computer comes equipped with methods for dealing with all types of pop-ups — even the ones it itself creates.

Here, we’ve outlined a few of the most common methods for dealing with pop-ups in Windows 10.

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How to stop pop-ups in Windows 10 in your browser

Microsoft Edge has a built-in pop-up blocker that can be activated by following these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Edge and click the three horizontal dotes in the top right corner, or press Alt-X, to open the options menu.

2. Click “Settings.”

3. Click “Privacy and Security,” which is the little padlock tab …read more

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