Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

Boris Johnson tells Donald Trump to step back from outright war with Iran.
“Let’s dial this down,” the UK prime minister said, adding that ‘I don’t want a military conflict between us, the United States and Iran,’ in an interview with the BBC.
Johnson also appeared to mock Trump’s boastfulness, calling him ‘a great deal maker, by his own account.’
The comments came as the UK defence secretary said the country would need to forge new defence alliances with other countries as the US risks ‘[withdrawing] from its leadership around the world.’
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Boris Johnson has told Trump to “dial down” his conflict with Iran and step back from outright war.

The UK Prime Minister said on Tuesday that war in the region would not be in the UK’s interests.

“Let me be very clear. I don’t want a military conflict between us, the United States and Iran,” he told the BBC in a live interview inside his Downing Street residence.

“Let’s dial this down.”

In comments which appeared to mock the president’s boastfulness, Johnson also insisted that the Iranian nuclear deal should be replaced with a new deal negotiated by the president.

“President Trump is a great deal maker,” Johnson said, before …read more

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