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In 9 US states, a divorce could mean losing half of everything you own

If you’re unable to decide how to divide your assets during a divorce, the courts will do it for you. Most US states observe equitable distribution, meaning all property acquired during the marriage is divided fairly at a judge’s discretion. Nine US states observe community property law, where marital assets are split 50-50. A financial […]

A YouTube creator switched her strategy and doubled the amount of money she made

Some creators on YouTube have techniques they use to maximize how much money they earn off a single video. Shelby Church, who has 1.4 million subscribers, said she earned more than twice as much money in 2019 from YouTube ads than in 2018 by extending her videos to over 10 minutes long. This is a […]

Davos says it is focusing on the climate crisis, but its billionaires and world leaders are still arriving on private jets

The World Economic Forum made the idea of a sustainable world the key theme for this year’s event Davos, Switzerland. But the financial, political, and celebrity elites that travel to the event will largely continue to travel by private jet, which is hugely damaging to the environment. The WEF says it offsets the carbon emitted […]

June Shannon Deperate for Money, Pawns Diamond Ring for Petty Cash

A couple of weeks ago, June Shannon was kicked out of a hotel because she was too broke to pay the bill. It wasn’t the first hotel to give her the boot. It looks like June is desperate for cash, because she pawned a ring and ran off with the cash. TMZ reports that June […]