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YouTube is changing its policies to make it easier for content creators to make money from violent video game content.
Previously, videos featuring violent games would be age-restricted. This would prevent those videos from appearing in search results in some cases, and occasionally YouTube would prevent creators from monetizing violent gaming videos with ads.
Starting this week, violent video games will be treated in the same manner as scripted movies and TV shows. Some violent content will still be age-restricted, but creators wont have to worry about their videos being flagged or demonetized.
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YouTube announced on Monday a policy change impacting videos that feature violent video games, giving creators more freedom to post those videos with fewer restrictions. Until now, YouTube has been policing violent video game content under stricter guidelines than scripted movies and TV shows.

Violent video game videos were frequently age-restricted by YouTube and, in some cases, YouTube prevented creators from running ads to earn money from videos that featured violent games. That made gory games like “Mortal Kombat 11” risky business for major gaming channels on YouTube, regardless of how popular the game may be.

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