There have been two frustratingly paradoxical truths about the impeachment of President Trump since the process began. The first is that impeachment is necessary. The second is that it will almost certainly end in failure.

That failure was preordained by the results of the 2018 midterm elections: Republicans retained control of the Senate — and, barring some unimaginable major development, will use their majority to defeat any articles of impeachment forwarded from the Democrat-led House of Representatives. “The political reality is difficult,” a senior Democrat told The Washington Post this week.

Given this fact, you can understand why some Democrats want to make impeachment a fast and narrowly-focused affair — something to get over with quickly so we can all move on. But taking a narrow approach is wrong. Despite the likelihood of failure, impeachment really is necessary, and the president’s wrongdoing is widespread. There are three reasons why the House’s impeachment should be of equal breadth.

The first is to shame the “Always Trumpers” of the Congress. Trump has demonstrated a willingness to sell out his country and fellow citizens for personal and political advantage, starting with “Russia, if you’re listening” and continuing through “I would like …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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