National Day celebrations, Skaugum, Norway - 17 May 2019

Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Panorama interview aired last night in the UK. I saw some conversation about it amongst royal reporters online, but it didn’t seem to be the dominant conversation, which is what happened with Prince Andrew’s catastrophic interview two weeks ago. It’s my hope that people saw Virginia’s interview and simply believed her, because her story makes perfect sense, and because Andrew’s story does not. Here are some quotes from Virginia’s interview:

She hopes British people will stand with her: She directly implored viewers to “stand up beside me, to help me fight this fight, to not accept this as being OK…This is not some sordid sex story. This is a story of being trafficked. This is a story of abuse. And this is a story of your guys’ royalty.”

Going to the nightclub Tramp with Andrew: “We went into the VIP section. There was no waiting in the lines obviously – you were with a prince.” She said the royal quickly bought her a drink and asked her to dance, again insisting he “was sweating all over me” in the interview — given before Andrew claimed he is medically incapable of sweating. “He is …read more

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