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President Donald Trump, who has spent years criticizing NATO and called it “obsolete,” on Tuesday slammed French President Emmanuel Macron for “insulting” the alliance in a recent interview.
The French leader said NATO was experiencing a “brain death.”
Macron was touching on the ways in which Trump has undermined NATO, including by paving the way for another NATO member (Turkey) to invade Syria in October.
With the US a less reliable security partner under Trump, the French leader has called for European leaders to come together and play a more active, collective role in the continent’s defense.
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President Donald Trump has spent years bashing NATO, but just went after another world leader for following his lead.

As NATO members met for a summit in London on Tuesday, Trump slammed French President Emmanuel Macron for stating the historic alliance is experiencing a “brain death” in an interview with The Economist published last month.

But Trump left out the fact Macron’s comments on NATO were in reference to the US president’s lack of commitment to the alliance, and the anxiety this has induced among the allies.

Trump, who has referred to NATO as “obsolete,” told …read more

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