Hot sauce made from fresh peppers

New Roots Community Garden in the Bronx hires refugees to plant and harvest peppers.
Hot sauce maker, Small Axe Peppers, buys the peppers from New Roots, and other gardens like it, at a premium price.

This premium helps the garden sustain itself, while the company uses the peppers to make and distribute the Bronx Hot Sauce.
Business Insider Today visited New Roots to learn how the garden, with a boost from a hot sauce company, is helping refugees adjust to life in the US.
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Following is a copy of the transcript.

The hot peppers that give this sauce its kick are also giving workers a fresh start.

New Roots farm in the Bronx hires refugees to plant and harvest the peppers that are later used to make the Bronx Hot Sauce.

Hot sauce maker, Small Axe Peppers, partners with more than 100 community gardens across the country that hire sexual assault victims, refugees, and ex-convicts.

The International Rescue Committee assigns refugees to work in gardens through its economic empowerment program.

Rose Nzapa-Ayek fled the Central African Republic after losing her husband and children during the country’s violent pre-civil war turmoil.

“This country, if you work for one minute, they’re going …read more

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