Aloha CB Fam. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate it. I enjoyed mine, which is truly saying something because I hate Thanksgiving. Someday we’ll sit down with some sugar-free hot cocoa and delve into all my food issues and my awful extended family members that went into molding those opinions but for now, I just want to mark this year down as a win. Cravings cookbook author Chrissy Teigen also had a win for her Thanksgiving by cooking the perfect turkey. She showed it off on Twitter by pointing out how perfect turkeys look plastic. But it was the last line of her tweet that divided the nation, which I can only imagine thrilled Chrissy to no end. Chrissy made the controversial comment that, “turkey sucks @$$ always.” Discuss:

our turkey looks like a fake ass turkey but it’s real and juicy. but still shit because turkey sucks ass always pic.twitter.com/iqYbkWlpGE

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) November 29, 2019

Reading Chrissy’s thoughts on this has me fascinated to know people’s opinion on turkey. I had no idea there was the faction of turkey haters (OMG, can we call them T-ators?!) The one excuse I …read more

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