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Justin Maiman writes a weekly newsletter called Ginger that’s devoted to moments of inspiration. You can read Ginger and subscribe for free here. He’s a journalist with more than 20 years of experience in digital media and television. He’s currently the president and managing director of Cochrane Media, a boutique media shop in New York.
Earlier in the year, he took an online version of Yale’s most popular class ever: “The Science of Well-Being,” which studies happiness.
Now, the professor behind the class, Laurie Santos, has created a podcast called “The Happiness Lab.”
Maiman writes that the podcast not only offers insights from big names — like Michelle Kwan and David Byrne — but that listeners get to learn alongside Santos as she further pursues the meaning and roots of happiness.
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Last spring, I had some time on my hands. Even though I was launching my consulting business, I didn’t have any clients yet. So, always eager to learn, I looked around for a new challenge.

That challenge turned out to be “The Science of Well-Being” — Yale’s most popular class ever. It’s often called the happiness class, and it’s a big deal on campus. …read more

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