The 2010s saw the demise of apps, devices, and even complete companies.
Moviepass, AIM, and Vine did not make it to the end of the decade.
Other technologies like the headphone jack and MagSafe met their death thanks to Apple’s design changes.
Insider took a nostalgic look back at some of the tech that died this decade.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Victoria Barranco: I really, really miss the headphone jack.

Nich Carlson: I really, really like AirPods, and so I’m OK with the headphone jack being gone.

Jacqui Frank: Also I have a headphone jack now, so I’m really smug about it. I switched from iPhone to Android. It wasn’t the No. 1 reason that I decided to do that, but the headphone jack was important to me.

Barranco: Now I’ve got this stupid dongle that I’ve lost literally three times in order to listen to my music, and I’m not buying into the whole AirPods things, I refuse.

Frank: I mostly use Bluetooth headphones, so it’s actually not a huge impact to me but still is an irritation. If my headphones were dead and I also wanted to charge my phone, I …read more

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