Jeffrey Fleischman

Jeffrey Fleischman is an accomplished senior executive with over 35 years of success in the financial services, banking, insurance, and ecommerce industries. He is the CMO of Altimetrik.
The following is an excerpt from his book, “Advice To My Younger Self.”
Early in his career, he weathered an unexpected layoff, and he says that everyone should expect at least one inopportune event like this in their careers.
Build up a financial safety net, and be proactive about what the job market looks like. And know what you would want in case the hypothetical becomes a reality.
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S— happens! It may not be the most elegant phrase to describe the way life throws unexpected events at you, but it’s a fact. Our professional lives are full of abrupt changes that can happen at the most inopportune times. Reorganizations, downsizing, outsourcing, automation or AI replacement, relocations, and changes in leadership have become so common nearly everyone encounters them at some point. These events will test and shape you, and your responses to them can change the way others think about you.

When I was halfway through my first rotation in a bank management development program, my boss called me …read more

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