Elon Musk

Despite his flaws, Musk has still built several very successful companies and catapulted himself to billionaire status.
Two of SpaceX’s recent projects — plans to build a rocket called Starship that can send 100 people to Mars, as well as a network of satellites called Starlink that can beam internet anywhere on Earth — have contributed to the company’s estimated base value of $52 billion.
How is Musk leading his company to disrupt the legacy industry of spaceflight and to innovate global internet connectivity? By weaving vertically integrated manufacturing into processes.
“He basically created an infrastructure of diversified assets that he can combine in different ways to optimize his companies as needed,” said Irina Cozma, an organizational psychologist and executive coach. “He creates synergies across these different companies and industries.”
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Elon Musk launched SpaceX in 2002 with the goal of sending people to Mars.

With his ambitious plans, Musk has earned the respect from many people inside and outside of his companies, though at the same time many say he can be a demanding and capricious boss.

“Elon Musk appears addicted to a mental state where he can endlessly push on,” said Janine Woodcock, an international …read more

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