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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to criticism of his own controversial comments about Islam by saying that “people are always going to drag out bits and pieces that I have written over the years.”
The BBC’s Andrew Marr read out Johnson’s newly unearthed comments from a 2005 column on Sunday, and asked him “Do you stand by that?”
Johnson, who has been reported for previous comments about Muslims, had written in the aftermath of 2005 London bombings that Islamophobia a “natural reaction” to Islam and that “Islam is the problem.”
Johnson said he is known for “campaigning against prejudice of all kinds” and that the party is “ruthless” in dismissing members who are found to be prejudiced when he asked about party members who have been allowed to stay in the Conservatives despite sharing controversial comments about Islam.
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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dismissed criticism of him calling Islamophobia a “natural reaction” to Islam in a 2005 column by saying people want to “drag out bits and pieces of what I have said over the years.”

Boris’ newly discovered comments were unearthed by Business Insider after the Conservatives were accused by Muslim leaders in …read more

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