2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade training on new Integrated Tactical Network capabilities using the improved Nett Warrior end-user device

The US Army, currently undergoing its largest modernization in decades, is facing the possibility of an extended continuing resolution as Congress struggles to pass a defense budget.
In the event of a long-term CR, the service’s plans for advances in network technology would suffer a “significant impact,” Gen. John Murray, head of Army Futures Command, told Business Insider this week.
“A long-term continuing resolution would greatly impact the Army’s ability to deliver, develop, integrate and assess critical network modernization efforts that are essential to provide our commanders with secure and resilient communications in an ever increasing cyber and electronic warfare threat environment,” a US Army official told BI.
If Congress fails to pass a budget by the Nov. 21 deadline, the Army, like the other services, could be looking at a six-month, possibly year-long, CR, which could negatively affect more than $8.8 billion in Army funding.

The Army is pursuing an ambitious modernization plan, one that is heavily dependent on advances in network technology, but Congress’ inability to pass a budget and the threat of an extended continuing resolution are putting the service’s plans at risk.

“The network is a cross-cutting capability,” Gen. John Murray, the head of Army Futures Command, told Business Insider this …read more

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