Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Together

While Miley Cyrus has been enjoying her new boy toy romance and snubbing Liam Hemsworth, her ex has taken notice.

Liam straight-up unfollowed her on Instagram.

According to a new report, Miley feels hurt that he was so willing to write her off like that.

RadarOnline spoke to an inside source who says that Liam Hemsworth unfollowing Miley before she unfollowed him left her feeling despair.

“She thought somehow they would find their way back to each other,” the insider reports.

The source continues: “and she was holding on to that.”

“But then,” the insider dramatically narrates, “Liam unfollowed her.”

“And that was his way of saying it’s really done,” the source explains.

“Yeah,” the insider characterizes. “Liam is not turning back.”

According to the source, this has left Miley feeling “devastated.”

Yes, she unfollowed Liam, but the fact that he unfollowed her first really hurt.

“After all thats been happening with her,” the insider says, “she had been distracting herself from it all.”

“But now she is really feeling it,” the source explains.

The insider opines: “It’s quite sad.”

And while we’re sure that Miley wasn’t overjoyed by Liam’s unfollow, we have to wonder if he did so to “signal” much of anything.

We can think of …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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