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Grey’s Anatomy viewers were greeted with a shock death on Thursday night’s installment.

Yes, the series has tried to distance itself from shock deaths over the last few years, but death came knocking, and it made for a harrowing hour.

We’ll start with Maggie because that big death was tied to her storyline.

Maggie was gobsmacked to learn that Catherine was not in the loop about her break-up with Jackson, which is weird because Jackson had already moved on with some firefighter from Station 19.

Before Maggie could process this, she was similarly stunned by the arrival of her cousin Sabi (played by Kelly McCreary’s sister, Crystal) and her father, Chris.

What was so surprising for Maggie was that Sabi looked exactly like her. Determined to find out how that was possible, Maggie took them to Pac-North because somehow they were not in the know about him being fired.

Chris wasted no time in telling Maggie that Richard was ashamed of them.

That was a kind of half-hearted way of explaining why we haven’t seen Sabi before, but it worked. When a show is this age, you have to suspend disbelief for some plots.

When they arrived at the …read more

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