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A post shared by Brittany Snow (@brittanysnow) on Aug 6, 2019 at 7:35pm PDT

It’s Friday! My gawd do I feel like I earned this Friday too. What better way to end this dumpster fire of a week than capping it with an adorable rescue pet story? (Hint: there isn’t one, pet stories are the best). This week’s comes by way of Today’s PetTale series, and features Brittany Snow talking about her adopted pup, Billie Jean. Billie is a ten-year old ‘angel’ who is a terrier mix, (with what looks like a heavy dose of Maltese) and she came into Brittany’s life by chance when the furniture store she wanted to look for couches in turned out to be next door to the rescue organization, Barks n’ B!tches in Los Angeles. Brittany popped in for a some gratuitous puppy petting, and left with a life companion.

The way Brittany describes meeting Billie Jean is like the best meet-cute ever. Seriously, they should make a movie from this:

Billie Jean September Snow is a 10-year old mutt, terrier mix, we don’t exactly know, I rescued her. She’s an angel. I …read more

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