Kenan Bajric/Raul Jimenez

Thursday’s match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Slovan Bratislava was stopped for 11 minutes after a defender was accidentally kicked in the head.
Midfielder Kenan Bajric was knocked unconscious and left in a neck brace after his head collided with Raul Jimenez’s boot.
The Slovenian was rushed to hospital after receiving treatment on the pitch but is recovering, according to the BBC.
“I’m very sorry for that, it wasn’t my intention,” Jimenez told broadcaster BT Sport after the match. “I hope he recovers well and keeps going.”
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A European football match was stopped for 11 minutes on Thursday after a striker accidentally kicked an opposition player in the head, rendering him unconscious and in need of a neck brace.

Wolverhampton Wanderers were playing Slovan Bratislava at the Molineux Stadium when Raul Jimenez attempted an overhead kick but booted Kenan Bajric in the head in the 77th minute.

The Slovenian defender was instantly knocked out, dropping to the floor before Jimenez and other players rapidly signaled for medical attention.

He was treated on the pitch for 11 minutes, before being put in a neck brace and stretchered off the field. He was taken …read more

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