U.S. Army paratroopers assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade pull security while participating in Exercise Immediate Response at Pocek Training Area, Slovenia, May 15, 2019.

The US Army, like the other service branches, faces the possibility of an extended continuing resolution due to Congress’ inability to pass a budget.
The Army anticipates “severe impacts in all six of modernization priorities,” Army documents obtained by Business Insider revealed.
The service says $8.8 billion could be affected by a year-long CR, affecting 79 new start investments valued at $1.9 billion, 37 production rate increases valued at $1.6 billion, 46 military construction projects valued at $1.9 billion, a planned increase of $2.8 billion for operations and maintenance, and an added $600 million for military personnel expenses.
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Congress is running out of time to reach a budget deal, and the US Army is bracing for “severe impacts” to its modernization and readiness plans as the threat of an extended continuing resolution looms large on the horizon.

“We all know that we are currently under a CR, and it’s possible that the CR gets extended — we don’t know for how long,” Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Martin told reporters Wednesday, adding that “our adversaries that exist around the world probably are not operating under the same constraints.”

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