Army Black hawk helicopter lift

Congress is running out of time to pass the annual National Defense Authorization Act, and if lawmakers fail to do so, the Pentagon will find itself facing an extended continuing resolution.
In the case of a 6-month CR, modernization programs across the service branches would suffer serious setbacks.
Pentagon spokesman John Hoffman said Thursday that an extended CR could put at risk the Army’s helicopter and armored vehicle programs, cripple Air Force munitions procurement efforts, and delay delivery of a Navy attack submarine, among other consequences.

Facing a continuing resolution due to the current budget impasse in Congress, the Pentagon revealed some of the specific Army, Navy, and Air Force programs that will be affected.

Should the ongoing CR be extended for another six months, a very real possibility, it will negatively impact the Army helicopter and armored vehicle programs, cripple Air Force munitions procurement, and delay submarine and ship deliveries, among other things, Pentagon spokesman John Hoffman said at a press briefing Thursday.

The spokesman told reporters that 31 Army production rate increases will be delayed, jeopardizing plans for the UH-60M Black Hawk, as well as efforts to upgrade the Strykers.

A 6-month CR would also throw a wrench in Army Futures Command projects, specifically …read more

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