I once dated a coworker, and though it worked out for us, office romances can be a very tricky thing to navigate.
Working with your significant other can have a serious impact on your career (and your relationship!), so you need to tread carefully.
We talked to experts to compile all the rules for dating a coworker.
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Despite all the warnings, I once dated a coworker.

Here’s the thing: We didn’t meet on the job.

Tyler and I had been dating for almost four years before we started working together (which, by the way, wasn’t planned … long story for another time). But for about 11 months, we sat three cubes apart from one another and kept our relationship under wraps.

That’s right. Nobody knew we were a couple.

“Nobody knew?!” “Wasn’t it hard to hide?” “Isn’t that illegal?”

Those are questions we’re frequently asked when we tell people the story of our office romance.

Our answer to all three: Nope…because we followed “the rules.”

The truth is, office romances can be very tricky and generally not recommended. But they happen all the time, and when they do, there are three possible outcomes: The relationship turns sour and your reputation and career …read more

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