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You can enable cookies on your Samsung Galaxy S10 in both the Google Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers, through each app’s Settings menu.
Cookies are small files on your phone which websites use for a variety of purposes, including tracking your preferences and keeping you logged in to accounts.
You also have the option to separately enable or disable third-party cookies, which are generally associated with ads on websites.
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Cookies are small files that most websites store on your computer or phone. They typically contain information that helps personalize the web page for you — they keep you logged into your accounts, remember your location, save what you’ve put into your shopping cart, and more.

While some online privacy experts suggest disabling cookies, if you do that, the disadvantage is that you’ll make your web browsing experience very inconvenient.

If cookies on your Samsung Galaxy S10 are disabled, here’s how to turn them back on in the Google Chrome mobile app, the Samsung Internet app, and from third-party providers.

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