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Hiring people to join your company is a great sign — it means you’re growing and ready to accomplish big things.
But how do you figure out the right roles to fill? Business Insider spoke with six startup founders to understand how they built their teams from scratch.
Their advice is to find people who are highly adaptable and don’t share the same skill sets or perspectives as you.
They also recommend tapping into your network to find great hires because chances are those individuals trust your vision and work ethic.
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Hiring the first employees to join your startup is an exciting step that indicates your business is growing. But knowing which roles to fill first and where to find the right people can be daunting, as these decisions have the power to propel your company forward — or cripple it.

In addition to the cost and outlay of time it takes to locate and attract the right employees, there’s also an emotional component to consider. As Anna Fader, founder of Mommy Poppins, a leading online resource for family travel and local activities, pointed out, after doing everything yourself, it’s hard to relinquish some of the responsibilities. …read more

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