With the Democratic presidential primary now essentially a three-way race between Joe Biden and the two top progressives candidates, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, it seems inevitable that comparisons between the latter two will grow more frequent (and impassioned) as the campaign goes on. Up until now Warren and Sanders have been careful not to criticize each other directly, and at this point the smart thing for them to do would be to team up against Biden, who is lightyears away from both of them politically. Eventually, however, progressive voters will be forced to choose between two solid candidates who share much in common.

Though Sanders and Warren have had nothing but kind words for each other over the past six months, the same can’t be said for a vocal minority of their supporters who have engaged in both dumb and disingenuous attacks. Some Sanders supporters have criticized Warren for being registered as a Republican a quarter-century ago (even though she mostly voted Democrat during her Republican years), while some Warren backers have recycled lazy and discredited “Bernie Bro” arguments from the 2016 primaries, basically claiming that people …read more

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