A good hammock provides comfort anywhere you can find a couple of stout trees or fence posts, a wall that supports mounted hooks, or a dedicated hammock stand.
The Wildhorn Outfitters Outpost Camping Hammock is our top choice because it’s great for a midday break or even a restful night of slumber.

The word “hammock” comes the Spanish term “hamaca,” which itself was co-opted from the pre-Columbian Arawakan group of languages shared by many cultures native to South and Central America. Hammocks had been common among people living in the Americas for hundreds of years before the first Europeans arrived in the late 15th century, but were essentially unknown throughout the rest of the world. All that changed quickly, of course, because hammocks rock.

Within a few short decades following the first “New World” contact, navies and merchant fleets around the globe were using hammocks as sleeping quarters for sailors at sea. Hammocks were soon adopted as leisure items for the wealthy and used as cheap, convenient bedding for the frontiersman, farmer, or itinerant.

In the modern era, hammocks can be seen swinging in backyards, campsites, frat houses, and teenagers’ bedrooms. They are prized for the comfort they offer when unfurled …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Life


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