Airlines are spending billions of dollars to upgrade their technology platforms and Honeywell is hoping to capitalize on that transformation.
The consumer and industrial goods manufacturer is staffing up for newly created roles and offering new products all aimed at harnessing advanced tech like machine learning to reduce costs for airlines.
The push is creating new revenue streams for Honeywell, according to director John Peterson, and giving the company an advantage over competitors.
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Honeywell is aiming to become even more of a one-stop shop for airlines.

The company sells a wide range of consumer and industrial products, including security systems, thermostats, and wireless doorbells, among other items. Within the sprawling conglomerate is a longstanding aerospace arm that manufactures everything from plane engines and satellite-based communication systems, to docking platforms for spacecraft.

But sensing an opportunity with machine learning, Honeywell is doubling-down on their aviation offerings and staffing up for newly created roles all aimed at helping airlines ultimately fly people at a cheaper cost.

“Aviation in general feels like a last frontier in terms of being able to jump into big data,” John Peterson, the director of customer support in the aerospace division, told Business …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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