Sri Shivananda, PayPal’s chief technology officer, explained to Business Insider how critical data is to ensuring the online payment processor stays ahead of competitors like Square and Stripe.
While data plays a key role in PayPal’s cybersecurity and fraud detection, Shivananda wants to use the information to offer more customized experiences to users.
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The head of technology at one of the largest online payment processors sees data as key to keeping his company ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive field.

Sri Shivananda, PayPal’s chief technology officer, told Business Insider data is “the new oil” and understanding how to use it in the most effective ways is one of his top priorities as he works to fend off upstart competitors in the space such as Square and Stripe.

“Data is the fuel based on which there is so much differentiation that can be done,” Shivananda said. “Data can be converted into information and the information can be converted into insights. When the insights are aggregated that becomes knowledge, and that knowledge becomes a differentiator for us to do so many different things.”

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