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Speks makes small productivity desk toys out of magnets to help you focus or practice creative building skills.
Its most popular Original Speks toy ($19.95) is made up of 512 tiny magnet balls that you can mold, mash, and build with.
You can find us regularly playing with Speks at our own desks because they’re quiet and they can be manipulated in a variety of ways.

The explosive popularity of the fidget spinner and fidget cube a couple years ago has, for better or for worse, shown us that kids and adults alike enjoy having something tangible to play around with in their hands.

Thankfully, the fidget spinner fad has died down, ushering in a new generation of attention aids: squishable toys.

They vary in material (some of the more popular options are made out of slime), but the ones we’re always playing with at our desks are called Speks, a set of 512 small spherical magnets that you can mold, mash, and build with.

The simple but surprisingly effective concept is brought to you by the creators of Buckyballs and Zen Magnets. They’re two popular magnetic …read more

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