42nd Toronto International Film Festival

Maddox Jolie-Pitt (or perhaps just Maddox Jolie now) is currently enrolled in Yonsei University in South Korea. Angelina Jolie dropped him off a few weeks ago. There was significant media interest here in America, and in South Korea. Angelina didn’t really give interviews while she was in South Korea, but she did chat with some people and those videos made it to social media. The videos were sweet because Maddox looked both embarrassed and sort of proud – he’s been Angelina Jolie’s son almost his entire life. He’s seen her fame, and he sees how she handles it. He just stood back and let his mom answer some questions and that was it.

Maybe Maddox expected that there would be more interest in hearing from HIM once his mom left South Korea. Or maybe he expected to be left alone. I don’t know. But a British-accented video-journalist (TMZ-style) got on campus this week and rushed Maddox when it looked like Madd was coming out of his dorm or maybe a class. In the video, the British guy asks Maddox some personal questions about his brothers and sisters and …read more

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