Larissa Lima and Eric Foster

Last month, 90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima gushed that marrying boyfriend Eric would be her happily ever after.

Just two weeks later, she’s singing a very different tune.

After seven months together, the Queen herself has announced that she and Eric have broken up. How they broke up is a little shocking. …

“After 8 months of being Erickee’s girlfriend,” Larissa begins. “I have to tell my followers that we have decided to break up and go our separate way.”

For the record, early February through early September is 7 months, not 8.

“There is no hard feelings or regrettees,” she assures her fans.

“But,” Larissa expresses. “I need to look in my own soul.”

She needs to work on self-examination, she explains, “and focus on being the best Larissa I can be.”

Larissa may be focusing on self-care, but she has already figured out where she went wrong in this relationship.

“I try to heal one painful breakup by jumping in relationship with Erickee,” she admits.

She joined Tinder in early February looking for a serious relationship, and she found one.

Only now, it seems, can she see that a rebound didn’t do anyone any favors.

“But I know now,” Larissa writes. “I need to work on me …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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