San Francisco Bay Area

I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost all my life, and there are many things outsiders get wrong about it.
For one, San Francisco is really only home to a small number of Bay Area residents — especially with the rapidly increasing cost of housing and living.
Here are some surprising things outsiders might not know about the Bay Area, coming from someone who grew up there.
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For the first 18 years of my life or so, I called the San Francisco Bay Area home. Growing up in Silicon Valley — the southern portion of the Bay Area — my experience was similar to that of many other people of my generation who came of age in the region.

Born to immigrants working in the tech world, I spent most of my adolescence living in a sea of suburbs, and from an early age felt pressure to succeed academically and set my ambitions high.

For me, this upbringing seemed like nothing special, and I always found the way that people from outside the Bay Area idolized life there to be rather strange. However, over the years, as I’ve left the region and …read more

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