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It’s easy to scroll on a Mac in several different ways, although it is natively different than scrolling on a PC.
You can scroll on a Mac using the trackpad, which actually reverses the scrolling direction when compared to a PC.
You can also scroll on a Mac using the spacebar, the up and down arrows on your keyboard, or your mouse — and it’s possible to change the scrolling preferences on your trackpad if you wish.

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For those who are new to Mac computers, the differences in scrolling from PC’s can present a bit of a weird hiccup.

At first, it will feel strange to get used to the scrolling gestures and navigate with windows when everything feels a bit backwards. But after a bit of regular use, all that confusion fades away.

Still, it’s good to have a quick explanation of how to use the scrolling feature on a Mac before you get going.

Here’s what you should know to get started on the right foot.

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