Aneesh Chopra

Healthcare firms that are staffing up on top technology talent have important decisions to make on how to structure the various roles within the C-Suite.
The industry should mirror the Obama administration’s leadership structure, which split key tasks between the chief technology and chief information officers, argues Aneesh Chopra, the first-ever White House CTO.
Organizations should also avoid choosing the “title of the month” and let the ultimate goals of the role dictate the title instead, says McKinsey & Company’s Laura Merling, who helps organizations with their digital transformations.
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Former-President Barack Obama’s administration should be a model for healthcare firms weighing how to divide digital responsibilities in the C-Suite, according to his past chief technology officer.

The industry is increasingly tapping experts from Silicon Valley and other industries to help lead their tech transformations. Those initiatives can be as simple as launching new online systems for patients to book appointments or moving data storage to the cloud, to eventually more advanced applications that can help hospitals know of potential health issues even before someone sets foot inside a hospital.

Figuring out how those new executives will fit into the existing corporate structure can be …read more

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