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A new Insider poll found Democratic voters’ confidence in Andrew Yang’s debate performance has doubled since the last debate.
By proportion, that’s the most significant boost out of all the 2020 contenders between July’s pre-debate polling and now.
Yang and his campaign have expressed frustration with the way his candidacy has been treated by the political and media establishment.
Most Americans polled still don’t know who Yang is, but his name recognition is rising quickly, especially among Democrats.
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Entrepreneur Andrew Yang may not be a frontrunner in the 2020 presidential race, or even close, but Americans’ expectations of him are rising fast.

According to a new Insider poll, confidence in Yang’s debate performance has doubled among both self-reported Democratic voters and the general population. The poll asked over a thousand American adults to select up to three candidates they think will perform best at Thursday’s Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC. More than one in ten respondents chose Yang.

The number — 15.2% to be exact — may not be as large as his more established rivals, but it’s nearly double the 7.7% of respondents who had confidence in Yang prior to the last debates in …read more

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