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Though rare, viruses and other malware do exist on Android phones, and your Samsung Galaxy S10 can be infected.
Common precautions, like only installing apps from the official app stores, can help you avoid malware.
If you suspect you have been infected, you can restart your Galaxy S10 in Safe mode and uninstall apps you suspect might be harboring malware.

Viruses – and other malicious software – are incredibly rare on Android phones and on the Samsung Galaxy S10 in particular. All of the apps and games in the Galaxy Store and the Play Store are routinely scanned for the presence of malware, and very few cases of phone infections are reported.

Even so, that doesn’t mean malware infections can’t happen. One recent report indicates that Android devices get infected with malware 50 times more often than iPhones, though don’t be alarmed – the iPhone has a vanishingly small number of malware infections, so 50 times is still a very small number.

But malware scanning in the app stores is not perfect. Recently, about two dozen apps in the Google Play store were found to contain malware that steals the SMS messages, contact lists, and device info, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Life


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