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Since 2002, Dr. Lisa Sanders, who is an associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine, has been writing “Diagnosis,” a column in the New York Times. Dr. Sanders writes about people who have as-yet-undiagnosed medical aliments and are searching for answers. Working with these individuals, she shares in her columns information about their conditions in the hopes that her readers might be able to offer suggestions that could help them and their doctors figure out what the right diagnoses are. Her column is now a series on Netflix. `

Another series that similarly aims to help people who are searching for answers about their undiagnosed medical conditions is Ann Curry’s Chasing the Cure:

Ann Curry‘s new series Chasing the Cure isn’t your average medical mystery TV show.

Each week, the live television broadcast and 24/7 digital platform connects doctors and medical professionals from around the world with people suffering from undiagnosed medical mysteries.

Curry, 62, says the idea for the unique show came after her colleague Jennifer O’Connell saw that her son’s teacher has posted an appeal on Facebook about her husband being sick.

“The couple couldn’t afford care and they couldn’t figure …read more

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