With the right rain jacket, your outdoor activities need not be limited because of light rain or a torrential downpour, nor does your sense of style need to suffer in the name of practicality.
Our top picks for the best men’s rain jackets come from Wantdo, The North Face, Patagonia, Gioberti, Shower Pass, and Hart Schaffner Marx.

Human beings have been wearing some form of rain-resistant clothing for thousands of years. From water- and snow-resistant parkas made from skins worn by hunters in polar regions to garments fabricated using woven straw, such as the ancient Japanese mino, people have long sought ways to remain dry while outside in wet weather. Which makes sense, because getting cold and wet is really not much fun.

Protective rain gear entered the modern era in the 1820s when Scottish chemist Charles Mackintosh created the first practical waterproof fabric. His creation involved the bonding together of two layers of cloth using a layer of rubber, thus producing a material that could be used to make clothing, tents, tarps for wagons, and myriad other purposes. His surname was lent to the Mackintosh Raincoat, a garment still popular today more than 170 years …read more

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