Lamar Odom and his new GF

To his continuing credit, Lamar Odom cannot stop gushing over new girlfriend Sabrina Parr.

In fact, the pair seem to be moving incredibly quickly.

Just over a month after going Instagram Official as a couple, the two are already shooting a brand new reality series.

Lamar and Sabrina were spotted out and about together.

As usual, the basketball legend was asked some friendly questions by paparazzi.

One paparazzo asked him what he and Sabrina had been filming.

It was a very good question, and got an interesting answer.

“Me and my girl, we have a new show. Sabrina & Lamar,” he revealed.

He furnished a detail and rhymed at the same time, adding: “Sabrina Parr is the star.”

Then, on Instagram, Sabrina responded when fans brought this up.

“@lamarodom just can’t hold water to save his life LOL,” she teased.

By that, she means that he couldn’t keep a secret.

“The secrets out now [though] …” Sabrina admitted with resignation.

“By the way …” she revealed. “The show name is not Sabrina and Lamar LOL.”

While she does not reveal the show’s actual title, Sabrina does treat fans to an anecdote about her man.

“I’ll tell y’all a quick story,” Sabrina writes. “From the day I met Lamar, he kept saying to …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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