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Boris Johnson has asked officials to look at plans to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The DUP, the Northern Irish party which supports Johnson’s minority government, believes the plan could help solve the Brexit crisis by removing the need for a sea border between the two parts of the UK.
One retired offshore engineer has previously branded Johnson’s plan — which he first floated last year when he was foreign secretary — a “thoughtless soundbite” which “no sane contractor or responsible government” would sanction.
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Boris Johnson is exploring plans to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland which allies believe could solve the Brexit crisis.

The prime minister has asked government officials to look at the costs and risks of building a 28-mile bridge across the Irish sea, Channel 4 News reported.

The prime minister has reportedly asked officials to examine “where this money could come from” as well as “the risks around the project,” one of which appears to be unexploded bombs dropped into the Irish Sea during the Second World War.

Johnson first floated the idea of a Brexit bridge across the Irish Sea when he was Foreign Secretary in 2018 and …read more

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